How to Take Care of your Metal Furniture

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How to Take Care of your Metal Furniture

When incorporated into your interior decor, metal and mirrored furniture is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Its luxurious finish and stunning presence makes all furniture pieces the must-have items to have in all rooms in your home. Luxury home furniture comes in all shapes, sizes and designs, but not many are quite so opulent as metal furniture.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a gorgeous collection of mirrored, metal and crystal-encrusted luxury furniture at affordable prices. All our items include free delivery, with larger fragile and heavy furniture benefitting from our hassle free VIP delivery service.  Our VIP delivery experts carefully place the order into your chosen room, unpack, fully assemble, check and remove any packaging for recycling at no extra cost to you! All part of the Lux-Hom experience. Are you thinking of looking towards high quality metal furniture for your living room, bedroom or dining room? Read our latest article below to discover how you can best care for your brand-new pieces. 

Ensure you Have the Necessary Products

Metal furniture needs a different cleaning routine to your typical wooden or plastic furniture. You should aim to wipe down your new furniture often with a soft cloth to rid the surface of dust, which can show up quite prominently, especially in highly reflective or chromed pieces. Try to avoid using rough materials when tending to your furniture, as it can scuff the surface. Oil based products such as baby oil are great for removing fingerprints, so make sure you have some tucked away. 

Strong detergents and rough materials should be avoided if you want your metal furniture to look stunning for longer. Our Naples metal and glass end table is stunning and would look perfect as a side table in your living room. In order to ensure it keeps its shine, make sure you wipe it regularly, and don't use harsh chemicals. 

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Do's and Don'ts

Your home furnishings are incredibly important in making your house look like a home, so you need them to reflect who you are, and they need to fully capture the vibe that you're going for. Metal furniture is classic and opulent, and will draw in attention from all guests who come to visit. As previously mentioned, you should always use a cloth to wipe down your metal furniture, and use cleaning products that aren't harsh or strong, such as bleach.

You should never leave your metal furniture wet, as this can cause rusting. Instead, make sure you wipe away any excess moisture with a soft cloth. You should also avoid getting your metal furniture incredibly hot, as it can not only damage the material but be a hazard to people in your home. Keep metal product dry to prevent tarnishing which can dull or destroy the surface. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can scratch and dull metal surfaces.

Rub the metal with straight back-and-forth motions, rather than in circles, to help maintain a uniform appearance. Apply metal cleaner with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth and prevent undiluted liquid dish-washing detergents from coming into direct contact with metal as it can damage the finish.

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Benefits of Metal Furniture

As long as you take care of your metal furniture like you would all pieces in your home, it can be a great asset to your luxury furniture collection. It has an incredibly durable structure and won't damage as easily as fabric furniture. It's a gorgeously contemporary material for furniture and can give any room an opulent feel that you can be proud of. 

Our Ordelia metal and glass console table is unique and practical, bringing its stunning design with an air of elegance to your living room or dining room or hallway. With a range of metal, mirrored, glass and chrome luxury furniture to choose from, we can guarantee you the home of your dreams at an affordable price. To view the rest of our collection, please visit us here. For more information on how you can clean your existing mirrored furniture, please read our previous article.