Product Care

Caring for your Lux-Hom mirrored and glass furniture

There is no doubt that glass and mirrored furniture can make a room stand out in ways that normal furniture simply can’t. To ensure that your mirrored furniture maintains its wow factor, we’ve put together a few key tips to help you keep your furniture in pristine condition.

     Top Tips

1) Avoid any dust build up by wiping regularly with a soft microfibre cloth.
2) Use a non-solvent based glass cleaner and be sure to spray the glass cleaner on your cloth not your furniture.
3) Avoid dragging items across the mirrored surfaces or standing heavy items on them, this will help to prevent scratching and marking.
4) Clean any pesky spills up as soon as possible. Liquids like lotions, perfumes and alcohol can stain so take extra care with these items.
5) You’ll want to tighten your knobs or handles until they’re wobble free but try not to over tighten them as this may cause some cracks to form.
6) Take care and consideration when positioning your furniture. Busy spots (such as walkways) in your home may lead to accidental scuffing and scratching.
7) Once you’ve finished sprucing up your furniture, take a moment to check it from all angles. It may look spotless from one viewpoint but those irksome smudges might still be there when you check from another.

Top Tips in detail...

1) Make sure that you regularly dust your mirrored furniture with a soft micro fibre cloth to prevent dust build-up. It’s worth bearing in mind that the mirrored surface reflects the dust so even the slightest layer can be enough to noticeably dull your furniture’s shine.
It’s best to select a flat “tight-weave” or “non-weave” micro fibre cloth to prevent the cloth from collecting dust and spreading it over the surface when you’re cleaning. We recommend polishing at least every two weeks to keep your furniture looking like new. Smudges, fingerprints and other marks are likely to be picked up after heavy usage so you may want to have a quick polish after every use.

2) Always use a non-solvent based glass cleaner when cleaning mirrored furniture. Gently wipe the surface with your soft microfibre cloth. Rather than spraying any glass cleaner onto the furniture itself, instead spray the cloth. A white vinegar and water solution can help to maintain that perfect shine and remove any residual streaks and smears. Never use a general purpose cleaning spray, as this can dull the reflection of the mirror. You need something that is specifically suited to mirror and glass alike.

3) Take care when arranging vases or other heavy items on a mirrored surface to gently lift and place them down. Avoid placing sharp or rough objects on your mirrored surfaces and try not to drag items across them as this may lead to unsightly scrapes and scratches. This is the most common cause of damage and can be easily avoided by taking extra care when using your furniture.

4) Mirrored furniture manufacturers always recommend keeping staining substances (such as hair dye, lotions, perfumes and alcohol) away from the surface but let’s face it if you have a mirrored dressing table it’s likely you’ll be using some or all of those types of liquids near your furniture. The odd spill every now and again is harmless, so as long as you use a slightly dampened cloth to clean the spill as soon as it happens you should avoid any permanent damage. If you leave a spill over a long period of time, even if it’s just water, it can cause a lasting stain on the mirror. Avoid stains by making sure no liquids come into contact with the surface and making sure the bottom of all bottles are dry.

5) When doing a thorough clean or performing any repairs or substitutions on mirrored furniture (such as switching handles or knobs), never over-tighten anything that screws into the furniture as this may cause the glass to crack. Tighten until it is firm and there is no wobble.

6) Where possible, keep mirrored furniture away from high-traffic areas of your home where anyone may accidentally scrape against the furniture. Mirrored console tables are great at visually widening hallways but, if early morning rush tends to see multiple people squeezing past each other in the hallway, try to avoid your furniture getting scratched by a rogue coat zip or bag.

7) Once clean, inspect the mirrored surface from various angles so that the light can shine on any smears and smudges you may have missed. Otherwise, it might look spotless from one angle, but the light may pick up surface smudges from another. 

Wash and care instructions for your Bedlinen

When the wash cycle has finished remove bed linen promptly from the machine and shake out whilst damp to minimise creasing and drying time.

Iron your bed linen whilst still slightly damp: it’s easier! In the event that bed linen has been over dried, use a water spray to dampen fabric before ironing.

Bleach will remove the colour from your bed linen permanently. Avoid contact with surface or bathroom cleaners. Some facial cleansers and skin treatments contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which has the same effect as bleach. Check the label for this ingredient, and rinse hands and face thoroughly after using these products as the effect on your towels/bed linen may not be apparent until after washing. Separate light and dark coloured bed linen, as you would with other items. With darker and brighter colours you may find that some excess dyes wash out during the first few washes.