How to Clean your Luxury Mirrored Furniture

How to clean your Mirrored Furniture from Lux-Hom

How to Clean your Luxury Mirrored Furniture

When you've made the choice to decorate your home with stunning luxury furniture, it's important that you know how to properly look after it to increase its durability. Luxury mirrored furniture in particular can gather dust easily, so by keeping it as clean as possible, it can positively affect the overall look of your interiors.

Here at Lux-Hom, we sell a range of opulent designer furniture in a collection of mirrored, metal and crystal-encrusted finishes. From large contemporary furniture pieces such as dining tables and sideboards to stunning home accessories like ginger jars, we have the perfect collection of luxury furniture to complement your home flawlessly.

Try to Keep Dust at Bay

As previously mentioned, mirrored, glass and metal furniture have a tendency to show dust more prominently than other materials. Therefore, you should make sure that you keep on top of your dusting schedule in order to keep your luxury mirrored furniture looking its best. Be careful with the cleaning products you use, as regular furniture polish could smear the glass, so try and stick to glass cleaners. The best out there always have a hint of vinegar.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a stunning mirrored furniture range in stock perfect for all kinds of rooms in your home. Our stunning bedside tables are currently on sale, all of which display a range of luxury finishes perfect for complementing any existing decor. Our Zahara mirrored bedside table makes a stunning statement, and can easily be kept in pristine condition by following our cleaning tips.

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Clean Spills Quickly

Products such as make-up, lotions and other substances with chemicals such as acetone can damage the finish of luxury mirrored furniture, so it's recommended that you clean up your spillages as efficiently and effectively as possible. Not only will this save your furniture pieces, but it's also good practice for other surfaces in your home, such as carpets or kitchen counters.

Our luxury mirrored bedroom furniture here at Lux-Hom is built and finished to the highest of standards, and are incredibly easy to maintain and display in your home. Our unusual yet elegant Venetian mirror is a premium choice for any room, bringing a stunning authority to your space. By quickly cleaning away any debris left behind by sprays or make up, you can ensue it keeps its opulent shine for longer.

Use a Suitable Cloth

Some materials can be incredibly scratchy, which in turn can damage your furniture. Make sure that you regularly dust your mirrored furniture with a soft microfiber cloth to prevent dust build-up. It’s worth bearing in mind that the mirrored surface reflects the dust so even the slightest layer can be enough to noticeably dull your furniture’s shine. We all know how dust can build up, so having a small cloth on-hand can make all the difference to your furniture’s overall appearance.

It’s best to select a flat “tight-weave” or “non-weave” microfiber cloth to prevent the cloth from collecting dust and spreading it over the surface when you’re cleaning. We recommend polishing at least every two weeks to keep your furniture looking like new. Smudges, fingerprints and other marks are likely to be picked up after heavy usage so you may want to have a quick polish after every use.

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Don't Drag Items - Look for Scratches and Dents

When trying to look after your luxury mirrored furniture, you need to be careful of the objects you may place upon it. For instance, if you decide to opt for our gorgeous Champagne mirrored dining table or our silver Morocco mirrored dressing table, be aware of how you're moving the objects around. Dragging heavy items can damage the finish, and may be hard to repair. By being gentle with your products, you can ensure that your stunning designer pieces remain intact for years to come. Also, when doing a thorough clean or performing any repairs or substitutions on mirrored furniture (such as switching handles or knobs), never over-tighten anything that screws into the furniture as this may cause the glass to crack. Tighten until it is firm and there is no wobble.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a stunning range of luxurious furniture perfect for your bedroom, living room and dining room. We can deliver your brand new designer furniture piece straight to your home completely free of charge, leaving you with a hassle-free experience. All of our pieces are crafted to the highest of standards, and will stand out in any setting and environment.