Why Mirrored Pieces Are an Essential Component in Luxury Decor

In recent years, luxury furniture has become an increasingly popular choice, as it has now become much more affordable and less of an elite decor choice. Luxury pieces such as mirrored furniture with chrome finishes look stunning in all rooms, making a statement and providing you with a home you can be proud of. From larger pieces such as wardrobes to discreet decorative elements like gold ginger jars, we can help you achieve the interior decor of your dreams.

Here at Lux-Hom, we stock and deliver luxury mirrored furniture perfect for your dining room, living room and bedroom alike. All of our items can be delivered straight to your home completely free of charge, and our larger furniture pieces can even be assembled in your room of choice for extra peace of mind. If you’re looking to add stunning mirrored furniture into your space, read our top benefits below.

Mirrored Furniture Can Bring Natural Light

Wall-mounted and stand-up mirrors can do more than just show you your reflection; they’re great for making smaller spaces look larger, and can add extra light to dark rooms. The same attributes apply to luxury mirrored furniture, adding an elegant display as well as making your space look brighter and larger. As the winter months quickly approach, making your room lighter can take away the gloomy feel of dark mornings, enhancing your space with gorgeous decor.

All of our mirrored furniture collections here at Lux-Hom come with free delivery across the UK, and are perfect for all spaces and preferences. This stunning small, mirrored sideboard is from our stunning Argento collection, and can fit perfectly in your living room. It has plenty of storage space for small trinkets and items, and decorative pieces such as a silver or gold ginger jar would look stunning atop it.



It Creates an Elegant Setting

If you’re trying to achieve class and sophistication with your luxury home decor, mirrored furniture does the trick and can make your room stand out and impress your guests. High quality mirrored furniture is also incredibly durable, and will keep its shine for longer, leaving you with a room to be proud of. Most pieces have ample storage space, especially furniture for your bedroom and living room, allowing you to keep your assorted items out of sight.

If you’re lucky enough to have a gas or electric fireplace, you should take advantage and add a stunning mirrored fire surround. This will immediately catch the eye of guests and is bound to be your centrepiece, especially if it has diamond-crushed panels like this Madison electric fireplace and surround. If you’re considering an electric fireplace, a luxury mirrored option is the perfect choice for adding class when warming up your home this winter.

They Match Easily with Existing Decor

When looking for brand new furniture, it can be hard to find pieces that match well with your existing decor. Sometimes, you can find yourself taking it back to the shop, and the hunt for new furniture starts again. Luckily, with mirrored furniture, there’s no danger of it looking too out of place. It suits almost all existing interior designs, and can blend perfectly into your room, all the while