What Furniture Looks Best in the Bedroom?

Every bedroom needs the essentials; a bed, some storage solutions, and enough flooring space to allow for easy movement. Each person has their different style, but if you're looking for a luxury setting for your bedroom, there are certain materials and designs that can really make a statement. Our luxury home furniture here at Lux-Hom is the perfect choice, and can provide you with a space and storage solutions to be proud of.

All of our stunning furniture pieces can be delivered directly to your door, completely free of charge, and can even be assembled in your home. Our furniture is selected based upon its elegant finish and high quality, providing all our customers with the opulent setting their home deserves. If you're looking for that perfect luxury bedroom furniture piece, read our latest article below. 

Dressing Tables

Not every bedroom has one, but they certainly need one. If you have some extra floor space, a dressing table is the perfect piece of furniture to fill it, allowing you to get ready for the day in style. Having a place to sit as you prepare yourself for a day or night out can make your room feel complete. If you're looking to complete your luxury home decor setting, consider a dressing table as your bedroom statement piece.

If style takes precedence over storage in your room, our Moroccan dressing table is the perfect choice. Its mirrored finish makes for a stunning display, and its opulent quatrefoil design is a unique addition to a popular bedroom furniture piece. If you need extra storage space, our Madison seven drawer dressing table can save you opting for more chests of drawers to save on floor space.

Bedside Tables

No bedroom is complete without a bedside  table. They're not only great for storing away small items of clothing or other assorted items, but they're a great place to display a lamp and place your night time reading book. They're incredibly versatile, and they don't usually come to mind when individuals think of their room's statement piece. With luxury home decor options available, you can make sure your bedside table stands out.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a stunning collection of bedside tables perfect for complementing all existing decor. Our Luxor mirrored bedside table is one of our bestsellers due to its stunning features and shiny aesthetic. Its reflective surface draws in attention from all corners of your room, and has enough room to store your smaller items of clothing. 

Tallboys and Chest of Drawers

Similar to a chest of drawers but with a leaner, taller structure, tallboys can replace a wardrobe if you don't have the need for more elaborate storage space. They're a great way to bring elegance into your home, and if you have the floor space, they're a stunning addition to any room. Chests of drawers are not only a must for adding more storage, but you can even display photographs and flowers on top of them to add more decoration to your home.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a stunning collection of opulent tallboys and chests of drawers perfect if you're looking to make your bedroom a more elegant space. Our 5-drawer Venice tallboy combines a mirrored finish with crystal handles to provide that luxury feel. If you would like to view more of our stylish bedroom furniture, including our chests of drawers and tallboys, please visit us here.