What Can End Tables and Side Tables Bring to Your Home?

 Rohen End Table and Side Table at Lux-Hom

What Can End Tables and Side Tables Bring to Your Home?

Although they may not be the most noticeable pieces of furniture in the room, end tables and side tables are the focal points that can tie the furniture in all kinds of rooms together. Their practicality is what makes them stand out, but when you opt for luxury home furniture, you can make a real statement. Your end or side table doesn't have to just be a simple addition to your living room, especially if you look towards our opulent collection here at Lux-Hom.

We have a range of stunning luxury furniture perfect for all rooms in your home. From classy mirrored wardrobes to elegant home décor pieces such as ginger jars, we have a collection of furniture that's bound to bring style to your interior design. Read our latest article below to discover what end tables and side tables can bring to your home.

Tamara Marble End Table at Lux-Hom

End Table Practicality

As one of their stand-out features, end tables and side tables are known for their functionality, making them a staple in the home. End tables can be placed at the end of large furniture items such as sofa's (hence the name) and can be a versatile place for placing your cup of coffee or to add a lamp. Side tables can be essential in bringing your room together and are a perfect place to store smaller items such as a book or the remote control.

Our luxury end tables here at Lux-Hom come in a range of different styles, from mirrored effects to chrome detailing. Our Ordelia glass and chrome side table is a unique interlocking curve shape which will draw attention as an impactful statement piece in your home, as well as providing that practical edge.

Hexagon Gold Side Table at Lux-Hom

 Stunning Home Décor

By adding luxury home furniture to your decor, you can create a classy appeal in even the smallest of pieces. End tables and side tables are the perfect way to achieve this, as their small frames can still make a huge statement. Their practicality can make a room feel more comfortable, as guests have somewhere to place their drinks. They also create a much-needed welcoming atmosphere, making them a necessity in all living rooms, as well as adding balance and symmetry. 

If you're looking to add opulence to your home, our Linear nest of tables is perfect if you're looking to save up on floor space. The two smaller end tables fit neatly under a larger coffee table, allowing you to provide more places for guests to place their drinks. They're incredibly stylish and can complement your existing luxury home furniture perfectly.

Glass End Table set Chrome at Lux-Hom

Our Vast Collection of End Tables and Side Tables

Here at Lux-Hom, we have an impressive collection of luxury furniture perfect for the dining room, bedroom and living room alike. End tables and side tables are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms alike depending on your floor space, and their functionality and stunning appearance make them a must-have piece in your home. 

Lux-Hom are sure to have an end table or side table design and finish to coordinate with your current home styling. The Naples glass end table is a simple yet effective design perfect for any corner of your living room, perfectly drawing in its surrounding colours to make a real statement. Another Naples statement piece is the Hexagonal glass end table, if you’re looking to add a little more geometry to your home.

Luxor End Table and Coffee Table at Lux-Hom