What Bedroom Decor Complements Christy Bedding?

If you're looking to add some luxury finesse to your bedroom and get a good night's sleep, there's nothing quite like Christy sheets and bedding. With a thread count choice of 300 or 400, this bedding is the ultimate choice for getting and comfy and cosy, as well as providing an elegant touch to your home decor. High quality bedding deserves to be surrounded by luxury bedroom furniture, so why not treat your home today?

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a wide collection of stunning home furniture perfect for adding a touch a class to any room. From stunning glass and chrome pieces to mirrored furniture, we've got the perfect option for matching with your new Christy bedding, which we're proud to officially stock. If you're looking for that statement piece to enhance your bedding, read our top tips below.

Make Your Christy Sheets Stand Out with a Bedside Table

All bedrooms need a bedside table; they're perfect if you need an extra storage space, and you can even place lamps, extra decorative pieces and your night-time book on top of them to make them even more practical. Having a table on either side of your bed can create a stunning frame, which allows your bed and Christy sheets and bedding to take centre stage. Try and look towards more neutral colours rather than bold patterns to avoid clashing.

All of our bedside tables here at Lux-Hom are uniquely designed to suit all kinds of luxury settings. This one-drawer champagne bedside table is perfect if you need a wider space for storage rather than smaller compartments, and its quatrefoil design is bound to impress. Also, this Zahara mirrored bedside table is inspired by the rich cultures of North Africa, and can reflect your Christy bedding to showcase its designer qualities.

Add Luxury with Dressing Tables and Stools

If you have enough floor space, a dressing table with a stool can be the perfect addition to your room. Not only can it fill a space in your room, but it can create a classic setting, and can reflect light across your room. It gives you a comfy corner to get ready for the day, and when matched with stunning Christy bedding, you can complete your bedroom's premium look.

The Morocco mirrored dressing table comes in silver or champagne, and looks perfect when paired with a Siana velvet stool. To add more opulence to complement your luxury bedroom furniture, consider a Christy Jaipur throw, which comes in a range of colours to suit all settings. To view our full collection of throws and cushions, please visit us here.

Ginger Jars Make for Stunning Decorative Pieces

Ginger jars look ideal in all rooms. They can either be bought singularly or in pairs, and are available in a range of sizes. Their primary function is to provide a decorative addition to blank spaces in your home, but they can also be a place to store small trinkets or display flowers. With a collection of patterns and designs guaranteed to draw in attention, they can match optimally with your Christy bedding.

Here at Lux-Hom, all of our larger furniture pieces come with free delivery, and can be directly assembled in your home for no extra charge. Our smaller products, such as the Christy bedding and ginger jars are lovingly delivered by a local courier, and will make an elegant addition to your home. To view our full collection of Christy sheets and bedding, please visit us here.