Top Tips For Furnishing Your Bedroom

Once you’ve decided it’s time for a refresh of your bedroom’s interior decor, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure your space is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a contemporary bedroom design that fits your personal preferences and style, consider opting for luxury bedroom furniture and decorative pieces to make it a space you can be proud of.

Luxury furniture pieces can compliment any room in your home, and make a stunning statement with their bold features and gorgeous display. Here at Lux-Hom, our designer bedroom furniture and mirrored bedroom furniture comes in a range of different sizes and exquisite finishes, guaranteed to bring elegance to your home. Wondering how you can best decorate your bedroom to give it a modern feel? Read our article below for some inspiration.

 Bedroom Furniture

Consider Your Space

Before you buy new bedroom furniture, you need to consider the proportions to avoid buying pieces that are too big or small. Make sure that you measure the space within your room to give yourself a better understanding of the dimensions you need your furniture to be in.

You can create life-size mock-up footprints of your new furniture out of spare pieces of cardboard or  with masking tape to get a feel for the space you will have. Also, consider if the item is one solid piece or is a built-in smaller section and make sure you have clear access through hallways, stairways when opting for large premium pieces. You might also want to consider picking pieces that double up as bedroom storage and consider how much storage space you really need.

You need to have enough space in your room to feel comfortable enough to walk around and go about your daily business. Having the appropriate proportions to fit furniture and yourself comfortably can ensure you have the adequate amount of space. Leave some space for future furniture additions, such as dressing tables, in case you’re looking to add something extra. Also, mirrors can create the illusion of more space, so consider opting for a wall mirror rather than a stand-up one to save space.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a stunning range of bedroom furniture sets that include bedside tables, chest of drawers, dressing tables and other gorgeous luxury bedroom furniture perfect for any space and setting. Our collection of mirrored benches can fit perfectly at the foot of your bed, bringing a touch class and elegance to your bedroom.


Match the Colours

You need to feel as comfortable and relaxed in your bedroom as possible. One way to achieve this is by having a colour scheme that complements the room, and won’t clash. Having an array of different colours in one room can be quite jarring to look at, so try and opt for neutral colours that can blend together easily. A set colour scheme makes the room far more attractive, and will give you a space to be proud of.

The majority of our bedroom furniture pieces come in stunning white, Silver, champagne and mirrored finishes to give them that luxury appearance and feel. Our Madison three-drawer mirrored bedside table introduces a touch of glamour to your bedroom, and its crystal-inlaid edges provide that luxurious quality your bedroom needs. Mirrored surfaces, as well as light-coloured frames, can make your room look bigger, and won't overpowers the visual aspects of your room.


Zahara Mirrored Furniture

Add Subtle Extras

Once you’ve got the main features of your bedroom sorted, you need to start thinking about the finishing touches you can add to make your bedroom a space to be proud of. To spruce up your home decor, try adding pieces such as table lamps and mirrors to give the room more character, always ensuring that it fits with your existing decor. You can view our luxury lamps here. If you are styling a bedroom that's tight on space, the use of large mirrors is a great trick for enhancing the size of the room.

If you’re looking to add something unique and stylish, our premium ginger jars are perfect for adding a little extra to your home. Available in a range of different styles and sizes, ginger jars are incredibly versatile and can be used for instances such as extra storage, decoration or to display flowers. You can view our lavish collection by visiting us here.

At Lux-Hom, we pride ourselves in providing luxury furniture to homes across the UK. Our unique hand finished pieces are guaranteed to compliment your existing decor, and will add glamour and sophistication to your home. All products receive our utmost care and attention, and we will even assemble the pieces to save you the hassle. You can read our previous article “Why Choose Luxury Furniture?,” here.