The Benefits of Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture was popularized in the 1920's and 30's during the Art Deco period and became synonymous with opulence and luxury. Since then it has moved with the flow of interior fashion making a comeback in the 80's and 90's, then again in the 2010's, and again more recently. One of the reasons it keeps coming back into style is that there are some distinct benefits of mirrored furniture that are difficult to replicate with any other style.


Mirrored furnishings, just like regular mirrors, reflect their surroundings and can be used to create an illusion of space. This is particularly beneficial in smaller spaces such as bathrooms, guest rooms, and hallways. Mirrored dressers, in small guest bedrooms can make guests feel like they have more space than they do, which can make them feel infinitely more comfortable in their surroundings. In a bathroom, a small set of drawers can create storage space while also creating the look of a larger bathroom, or a bar cart for something more eclectic. A Mirrored console table in a hallway can make it look larger and offer a surface for decoration to personalize it, without taking up more space than necessary. 


Arguably the most beneficial aspect of mirrored furniture, or mirrors in general is light. Adding mirrored furniture to any room can instantly brighten it. You want to place the furniture piece near, but preferably not directly in the light. The goal is well lit, not blinding. In older houses windows were placed sparingly. In such a case a well placed coffee table in a centralized location would help reflect that minimal light into the room to brighten it. More illumination can be achieved without the use of stark overhead lighting by pairing the coffee table with matching end tables to create a unified look.


Because of the neutral aspects of mirrored furniture, they are the perfect way to enhance existing furniture and decorations. Small accent tables, and benches, are ideal to add touches to enlarge a space, or add light, without major construction.  Plus, mirrored furniture can add a sense of style, sophistication, and luxury to any space in a way that is difficult to attain with other styles of furniture. 

There are pitfalls of mirrored furniture that are easy to fall into that can encumber the look and feel of a space rather than enhancing it. Try not to position pieces of mirrored furniture across from each other, creating the weird almost infinite loop of reflection is chaotic, not beautiful. Speaking of reflection, always keep in mind what will be reflected especially in personal spaces.  Don't place mirrored furniture across from toilets. Also avoid placing them opposite of cluttered or messy spaces or you will see twice the mess.