How to Style Your Home with Ginger Jars

Silver Ginger Jars at Lux-Hom

How to Style Your Home with Ginger Jars

Whether you're looking to add some extra class to your home décor, or you need something eye-catching to complement your current home interiors, ginger jars are the perfect, versatile styling accessories all homes need to give them that luxury edge. They’re the must-have accessory right now, and have a range of attractive features that make them perfect in achieving a luxury home look. When paired with stunning furniture options, they can enhance their appeal even more.

We have an opulent collection of luxury home furniture here at Lux-Hom, including classic home accessories such as ginger jars in order to create the perfect interior design. We have a range of black, white, gold and silver ginger jars in stock perfect for decoration and storage, as well as complementing your existing home decor and furniture. They bring symmetry to all homes when grouped together, especially when they vary in size.

Gold Ginger Jars at Lux-Hom

Use Them for Decoration or Storage

Originally used to transport spices in Ancient China, ginger jars have come a long way from their roots to their modern-day purposes. Nowadays, they're mainly used as decorative pieces that highlight their surrounding furnishings and can easily catch the eye of guests with their stunning features. The jars can also be used to display flowers in your living room, or to keep small items safe in the kitchen.

With a range of large and small ginger jars in many different shapes and designs to choose from, there's an option out there for you to decorate your home with. Smaller variations such as this 40cm white and silver ginger jar look perfect on coffee tables, mantels or sideboards, and when filled with flowers, make a great decorative piece for master bedrooms. To discover what luxury home furniture your new jar will pair excellently with, please look towards our furniture collections here.

Silver Ginger Jars at Lux-Hom

Pair with Mirrored Furniture for Extra Elegance

Here at Lux-Hom, our mission is to provide stunning luxury furniture pieces to homes across the UK, with free delivery to match. Our mirrored furniture looks perfect in all rooms in any home, and can add that luxury, timeless feel that your home craves. When placed atop of a mirrored piece, your ginger jars can make a real statement, with their mirrored surfaces reflecting beautifully to give any room a classic shine.

Any of the products in our extensive console table collection would be a perfect choice for your dining room or hallway, and can display gold or silver ginger jars effortlessly to provide a stunning setting. In order to avoid contrasting designs with too many mirrored finishes, the 30cm black and gold ginger jar is a dark and mysterious option, with a stunning ink design to balance out your mirrored furniture perfectly. If you would like to find out more about decorating your home with ginger jars, please read our previous article here.

Black and Gold Ginger Jars at Lux-Hom


Where to Place Ginger Jars 

Once you've chosen the perfect design and size for your home, you need to choose where you're going to display your luxurious new piece. There's no point displaying it where it won’t be seen, such as a home office or spare bedroom. Smaller jars should be displayed in places where they'll be appreciated, such has on coffee tables in living rooms, whereas larger options stand out in the corner of dining rooms and bedrooms and make a real statement piece. They’re great for adding symmetry to your room when displayed in pairs or grouped together, especially when they vary in size.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a stunning collection of luxury home furniture and ginger jars to help enhance your interior design. All our furniture can be delivered to your home fully assembled, providing you with an efficient and stress-free experience. With a range of glass and mirrored collections to choose from, we've got the designs perfect for you.