How to Incorporate Mirrored Furniture into the Living Room

Mirrored furniture is one of the most stylish decor solutions that can integrate into your home furnishings. It can make your space seem larger, and can reflect light across your room for a brighter atmosphere and an opulent feel. Whether it's your bedroom or your living room you're looking to bring elegance to, mirrored furniture can make all the difference. From mirrored coffee tables to stunning sideboards and TV stands, we have the perfect mirrored furniture collection for you here at Lux-Hom.

If you're looking for a contemporary style to modernise your home, mirrored furniture is incredibly current. Making your living space reflect your personal preferences doesn't have to be a difficult task; we can deliver larger items directly to your door across the UK, and can even assemble your new piece in the room of your choice. To find out how to integrate high quality mirrored or glass furniture into your home, read our latest article below.

Add a Mirrored Coffee Table 

No living room is complete without a stunning coffee table to add extra decoration and place items upon. Coffee tables usually take pride of place in the middle of the room, providing an accessible place for you and your guests to rest their drinks. A mirrored coffee table can make your home look complete, tying the entire decor together beautifully. They can also pair beautifully with your existing decor, making them the optimal choice.

For a unique addition to your personal space, this gorgeous Moroccan mirrored coffee table comes with a quatrefoil design, making it a statement piece in your home. If you're looking for a larger coffee table to accommodate your family, this Luxor Champagne coffee table comes in an elegant choice if you have a larger space, perfect for matching with any existing furniture.

Drinks Trolleys are Incredibly Versatile

If you have plenty of space and you're unsure of how to fill it, drinks trolleys are the perfect choice for adding a little more decoration. Not only do they provide an elegant setting to your living room, but they also keep your drinks in their own unique space, providing extra storage. 

Our choice of Chrome and reflective finishes work great with our mirrored furniture and integrate seamlessly together in your home. Drinks trolleys are a popular option nowadays, as we all welcome back friends and family into our homes. If you're starting to run out of space for your various glasses and beverages, a drinks trolley is perfect for you.

We have a wide collection of stunning chrome drinks trolleys in different styles perfectly suited to your tastes. The Rohen clear drinks trolley has plenty of space for both your glasses and your spirits, with an elegant chrome finish to add opulence to your living room. To view our full collection of drinks trolleys, please visit us here.

Stylish Storage Options 

Opting for gorgeous furniture that also serves a storage function is a great option if you own a lot of items but have no idea where to put them.  It can be hard to integrate these pieces into your living room, but stylish mirrored sideboards are a perfect choice. This can fit snugly against any wall in your living room, and can even display decorative pieces such as lamps and ginger jars.

We have a vast collection of large, mirrored sideboards perfectly suited to adding luxury home decor to your home. This Vienna mirrored sideboard comes complete with three drawers and four cabinets, making it the perfect option for storage and style. Mirrored furniture is a contemporary, elegant choice if you're looking to switch up your home interiors to make them more luxurious. To view our complete mirrored furniture collection, from mirrored coffee tables to gorgeous drinks trolleys, please visit us here.