How Hexagonal Designs Can Enhance your Interiors

Sometimes, it can feel like your luxury home decor is missing something. It's not always a piece of furniture that feels absent; it's often a certain style of design that the furniture possesses. A pattern that's quite popular right now is a stunning hexagonal composition; it's exceedingly eye-catching and is bound to bring a luxury touch to your home furniture.

From hexagonally-shaped luxury furniture pieces to items displaying stunning prints, this design is bound to bring opulence to all existing interiors. When presented with chrome, mirrored or gold finishes, you can add extra luxury to all rooms in your home.

They're Incredibly Contemporary

If you're looking to bring your home into the modern age, then hexagonal designs are the perfect way to do this. They have a contemporary feel that can benefit your home greatly, whether you're looking for a furniture piece or luxury home accessory. Hexagonal ginger jars with removable lids are the perfect decorative piece and can even double as a storage space for little trinkets, or they can display flowers.

Our hexagonal gold and white ginger jar here at Lux-Hom can sit neatly upon a table top, side table or mantlepiece, and can come in a medium 24cm size or a larger 30cm one. The hexagonal form helps them sit and nest together in pairs or larger multiples to create an elegant display. To view our full collection of premium ginger jars, please visit us here.

Chrome End Tables are Practical and Stylish

End tables and coffee tables alike are necessities in most homes. Not only are they great for allowing guests to place their drinks upon, but they can be placed anywhere in your home to serve a purpose. Hexagonal end tables make for a practical yet designer addition to any room, and can be easily moved around to accommodate for your guests and their drinks.

Our hexagonal gold and chrome end tables can be bought as singular pieces for a discreet addition, or you can opt for a collection to create a honeycomb effect. This allows you to get the most out of your tables, and can look stunning when placed in your living room and when moved together to form a larger table top when required.

They Bring a Unique Twist

Not only are hexagonal designs a stunning asset to your luxury home furniture collection, but they're also a unique twist on your typical square designs. They especially make a statement when incorporated into pieces such as tables and ginger jars, and can bring elegance to any room. This gem coffee table, in particular, has an air of opulence with its contemporary chrome design, and can fit perfectly into any home.

Here at Lux-Hom, we sell and deliver stunning luxury home furniture straight to your door completely free of charge, and we can even assemble it in your home for peace of mind. If you would like to view our complete collection of hexagonal furniture items and home accessories, please visit us here.