How Do You Style a Dressing Table?

Dressing tables, like many things, started in Europe in the 17th century. By the 18th century, they were a mark of social standing and elegance. Prior to this, they were simply boxes in which all items of beauty were contained. They took on a new modern look during the Art Deco period, in the 1920's, and became the epitome of glamour, luxury, and elegance. Dressing tables give you a space to relax, and take your time getting dressed for the day. They are also great if you do not have a large bathroom, or share that space with a significant other. 

Today, dressing table styles are as diverse as the people that use them. As are the ways to style a dressing table. Before deciding how to style your dressing table, you need to find the ideal spot for it. 

If you plan on using a dressing table on a daily basis to get ready, apply make-up, and style your hair, make sure you place it somewhere with enough space to be comfortable. Somewhere with enough space to get up and down from it with ease. Natural light is typically the best light to get ready in, so you know how you will look when outside. Somewhere with plenty of natural light would be an ideal place for your dressing table. If your only option is a space that has limited natural light, try a mirror top dressing table to reflect what you do have, or a dimmable mirror. 

Once you have found a well lit, comfortable space for your dressing table, you can then work on styling it. 

Beautifully Organised

Clutter can make even the most beautiful dressing table look unkempt and just plain terrible. If your dressing table lacks drawer space there are a couple ways to keep the top organised, and uncluttered in a sophisticated, and beautiful way. 

Storage Boxes

These storage boxes can store jewellery, and other small items, that are used to get ready. The set of two can be filled, then stacked on top of each other to maximise the often limited space of a dressing table. Simply fill it with smaller items such as foundations, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, or applicators then stack. These boxes are particularly useful for items that are not the prettiest, or do not match the overall aesthetic of the space. They come in a variety of stylish colours to choose from, and as an added perk, they nest for easy storage when not in use. 


Dressing table trays, are more popularly used for perfume bottles. Perfume bottles of varying heights, shapes, and colours can look very elegant gathered together on a dressing table. In fact, that is a quintessential dressing table layout. However, if you are dedicated to one scent rather than a collection they are ideal for storing anything that you don't want sitting right on the table top, especially if it is an antique, or easily damaged. The smaller tray of the set would make a great place to set everyday jewellery at night. If your dressing table is not large enough for 2 trays, the other tray can be used in the bathroom. 

Ginger Jars

Ginger Jars are beautiful accent pieces that originated as utilitarian objects around 220 BCE in China. They were used to hold spices, such as ginger, and were named thusly when ginger became a main export of the Western world. In present times they are used mainly for decoration rather than spices, but are still incredibly useful. Small ginger jars can be placed on a dressing table to hold items like cotton balls, and swabs. 

Dressing Table Stool

A dressing table stool, though a necessity to sit comfortably at your dressing table, has the potential to be beautiful, and functional. Dressing table stools offer a plush pop of colour to brighten your space, while adding storage. There is a seat topper that can be removed to reveal a storage compartment that can be used to hold extra makeup, towels, or really anything you may need to store. If extra storage space is not at the top of your list you can buy a more coordinated dressing table stool to match your dressing table. As long as you are comfortable and feel beautiful in your luxurious space.

Final Touches 

Creating a beautiful space, while still feeling comfortable in it, can be a daunting task. There are some things you should remember to enhance your dressing table and surrounding area. Make sure that your dressing table mirror faces something you love, because not only will you see it in the room, but you will also see a reflection every time you look at the mirror. Aim for something that is not overly stimulating, or it could overshadow you and your dressing space. Looking in the mirror should not be a negative experience. 

When deciding on what to put on the dressing table top, remember that it can be very tempting to add a lot of unnecessary decoration. Adding those decorations can result in being counterproductive. It is important to ensure that every piece you pick is functional, yet matches your personal style. If that style changes, these small organisational pieces can easily be switched out when you need a change. These tips will help you create the ultimate luxurious dressing table