How Can I Make my Bedroom Luxurious yet Practical?

When it comes to our bedrooms, we all have one thing in common; we need it to be as comfortable and spacious as possible in order to benefit our sleep. However, some people may sacrifice this for a bedroom full of furniture to add a more luxurious feel, but why should you sacrifice one for the other? Having an opulent space you're proud of as well as keeping it comfortable and cosy can be provided together; here at Lux-Hom, we're an official stockist of Christy bedding, as well as luxury home furniture perfect for any space.

There are various luxury furniture options out there that present a gorgeous setting as well as allowing for great storage space and comfort, so you'll never have to sacrifice the bedroom of your dreams again. Having a stunning bedroom that's both practical and affordable isn't impossible, and it's easier to obtain than you may think...

Adding Comfortable, Stylish Bedding

One of the most important attributes that your bedroom must present is comfort, and this is where your bedsheets, pillows and duvet come in. You can get cosy bedding for an incredibly cheap price, but you'll be sacrificing quality, and you'll find that you need to replace it more often. Christy bedding is a premium choice for all homes, with high-quality thread counts for your comfort. It also adds to any luxury home decor you already have, and combines comfort with extravagance.

As well as opting for Christy bedding, you could also add a stunning Christy Jaipur throw to bring a splash a colour to your space. All of our bedding can be delivered straight to your door completely free of charge, allowing you to sleep in comfort and style as promptly as possible. To view our full collection, please visit us here.

Why Mirrored Furniture is So Important

If you've taken time to read our previous blogs, you'll notice how much we sing the praises of stunning mirrored furniture. It's the ultimate choice for adding luxury home furniture to any room in your home, providing light and the illusion of space to all corners. Despite its bright features, it won't ruin your sleep, and will instead give you masses of storage and space as well as luxury properties to give you more floor space and a room you can be proud of.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a wide range of mirrored furniture, from mirrored bedside tables to stunning sideboards and tallboys. This Zahara mirrored bedside table is a perfect little addition to your bedroom, with a quatrefoil design to enhance the opulence that such a simple furniture piece can bring. It's the perfect storage option for smaller items of clothing and little trinkets, decreasing clutter in your home. To view our full bedroom furniture options, you can visit us on our website

Opting for Storage and Space

You may find that, if you have a lot of clothing and other assorted items, you're sacrificing floor space for extra furniture items that take up space. If you're blessed with a big bedroom, you may be looking for ways to fill it, but you should never let it get to the point where you can't walk around your bedroom comfortably. We have plenty of luxury storage options that can add a stunning setting to your room, all of which can be delivered for free and assembled in the room of your choice.

Our gorgeous cabinets, sideboards and wardrobes are perfect for tying your entire bedroom decor together, as well as providing a space where you can store clothes and other items effectively. These Argento chest of drawers have mirrored panels with a wooden frame to complement your room, adding class and elegance to your space. All of our premium furniture is the optimal choice for combining practicality and style, leaving you with a space you can be proud of. You can browse our stunning collection here.