How Can Ginger Jars Complement Your Existing Décor?

If you're looking for a contemporary, stylish addition to your home accessories, ginger jars are incredibly versatile and could be exactly what your space is missing. Ginger jars look stunning on their own or grouped together, providing eye-catching decor and a place to display flowers or store trinkets, all in one. When looking for luxury home decor, there are plenty of factors to consider, such as your existing decor and whether your new purchase will fit. Luckily, ginger jars are a perfect choice.

Here at Lux-Hom, all of our luxury furniture and home accessories are perfectly suited to those with elegant taste and are seeking a classic setting in their home. All of our furniture items can be fitted in your home with no delivery charges or service fees, leaving you to enjoy your new piece as soon as possible. If you're looking for a new decorative accessory to make a statement in your home, ginger jars are guaranteed to work perfectly. 

Silver Ginger Jars Can Tie Your Décor Together

Ginger jars come in a range of different styles, designs and colours perfectly suited to your existing interiors and decor. If you have a more mirrored, chrome vibe in your home, silver ginger jars are an optimal choice for tying your entire room together. Mirrored furniture already looks stunning, but when accompanied by a set of gorgeous ginger jars, they can further enhance their appeal.

If you already own some stunning mirrored furniture, such as our Madison or Morocco collections, a silver ginger jar set will look perfect grouped together in a corner or singularly on a sideboard or console table. Our silver ginger jar with a white marble effect is incredibly stylish and will look stunning in any setting of your room, drawing attention and pairing perfectly with your existing furnishings. 

Their Reflective Surfaces Provide More Light

It's no secret that mirrors and mirrored surfaces can make a room seem larger, reflect light in all directions to provide a brighter atmosphere. Not all ginger jars have reflective properties, but most have shiny exteriors guaranteed to catch anyone's eye. From geometric prints to stunning feather prints and marble designs, all of our ginger jars have stand out properties, making them the perfect luxury home accessories.

All of our ginger jars look perfect when grouped together in different sizes, allowing you to get more out of your decorative choices. This gold and white ginger jar displays a unique puzzle design, and comes in sizes of 30 and 40cm. They are ideal for taking pride of place on an end table or sideboard in your living room, dining room or bedroom, fitting in perfectly with their surroundings.

Black and White Ginger Jars Match All Colour Schemes

From the darker, autumnal colours to the eccentric neon patterns, black and white ginger jars can blend into any setting. It's true what they say, black goes with anything, and no matter where your ginger jar is placed, it's bound to look elegant and have authority over the rest of your luxury home accessories.

Our classic black and gold marble effect ginger jar presents a stunning design and can look great when paired with flowers. All of our ginger jars come in a range of different sizes and styles, creating an elegant setting and leaving your home looking chic and modern. To view our full collection of ginger jars, please visit us on our website here.