How Background Decor Can Make a Big Difference

When adding furniture to your new home, or when your current one needs a complete redecoration, we usually put our focus into the main pieces in the room, and how they fit with the walls and floor. For your living room, your sofa and television stand are essential, and your bedroom wouldn't be complete without a bed or wardrobe. But what about those background pieces that really tie a room together? They need as much thought and attention as all other pieces, otherwise your room won't coordinate. From chrome drinks trolleys in the dining room to stunning footstools in the bedroom, you deserve a luxury setting you can be proud of.

Here at Lux-Hom, we stock and deliver stunning luxury furniture and home decor to homes across the UK. All of our products come with free delivery, and our larger items can be installed in your room, free of charge. Our mirrored finishes and crystal-encrusted pieces can bring class and elegance to any space in your home, providing you with an opulent setting to be proud of. If you've got plenty of space in your home to add to some extra decor, try these stunning assets out for size.

Add a Telephone Table on Entry

If you're lucky enough to have a hallway to greet people when they first enter your home, you should take advantage of the extra space. It's more than just a room to take your shoes off after a long day. It's the room that guests are first introduced to before seeing the rest of your house, and first impressions matter. To really make the space stand out, look towards a stunning glass telephone table. It not only provides a practical place to stand your phone or your broadband router, but it can really add life to a simple space.

Some people may not pay much attention to the telephone table they opt for, as it isn't really seen as an important piece of furniture when compared to others. However, a glass option can show guests right away that your home is an elegant, classy space, and can really make a statement. This Merida glass telephone table could be the perfect addition to your home, topped with tempered glass for extra durability.

Footstools Add Flair

In your bedroom, you need to have enough furniture to make the space practical, and enough floor space to move around comfortably. If you notice that you have a little too much floor space, it can easily be filled with a stunning footstool that matches your decor perfectly. Not only do they provide extra decoration for the room, but they provide a place to sit as you get ready for the day, or the night. They're easy to move, so can be transported from the front of your mirror to a less obstructive place once you've finished getting ready.

Our luxury footstools provide more than an extra set in your bedroom. They add a luxury element to your home decor, and come in a range of different colours suited to you. This gorgeous ochre footstool comes with sparkling diamantes scattered around its sides, adding elegance and class to your bedroom. To view our full collection of footstools, please visit us here.

How Drinks Trolleys Can Bring Life to the Party

No matter whether you use your dining room to entertain guests or you have your very own home bar, serving trolleys can add both practicality and decoration to your space. They can also store your glasses or drinks, as well as act as a serving cart when you have parties or gatherings. It adds a little more character to your home event, and rather than guests serving themselves, you can add a more exclusive and upscale element to your night.

We have a wide collection of glass and chrome drinks trolleys perfect for decoration, storage and practical use alike. This stunning circular chrome drinks trolley comes with two trays for storing glasses and serving drinks alike. Its four wheels allow it to be transported with ease, so you can serve your guests efficiently. To view our full luxury home decor collection, you can visit us on our website.