Different Uses for Ginger Jars

As the must-have home accessory right now, ginger jars provide added luxury that all homes crave. Whether you purchase them solo or in a group, they're a versatile addition to any space, and can be used for simple decoration or even storage. It can often feel like there's something missing from your living room or bedroom, and a small or large ginger jar might be the perfect decorative solution.

Here at Lux-Hom, all of our gorgeous ginger jars can be delivered directly to your door across the UK, with free delivery on all products. Whether you buy your ginger jars on their own or in a set, they're guaranteed to complement all your existing home furniture; if not, we have a collection of stunning luxury home furniture at affordable prices.

Ginger Jars as Decorative Pieces

Sometimes, we can notice an unoccupied space in our homes. It could be on the mantle in the living room, in the corner of the dining room, or on your bedside table. If you find a space that needs filling in your home, ginger jars are the perfect way to fill the gap with style. They complement all kinds of luxury furniture too, so you don't need to worry about them looking out of place.

Our 46cm silver ginger jars looks great in a set, and can bring opulence to any room and space. They're the perfect statement pieces, bringing luxury to all home interiors. The larger, golden 64cm ginger jars can bring authority when placed in the corner of any room, and can even be the piece that ties your entire room together. 

Ginger Jars for Storage Solutions

They don't just have to be put on display with no alternative purpose; these stunning jars can even keep little trinkets safe in their gorgeous display. Originally used to transport spices, ginger jars have come a long way in their high-quality design, but they still link back to their roots. They have an easy-to-lift lid for simple access, and can store small items of your choosing.

You can purchase your ginger jars separately or in a set that are uniform in size, or you can mix and match different styles, heights and shapes. Our large ginger jars come in silver, pink, gold and white, making them the optimal choice for all kinds of existing home furnishings.  

Display Ginger Jars with Flowers for Extra Décor

Do you still want them as a decorative piece, but aren't too keen on storing trinkets in them? Ginger jars make perfect display cases for flowers, both artificial and real. Their various array of colours makes them the perfect alternative to typical vases, as they can go perfectly with all kinds of flowers. Whether you've been gifted with a delightful bouquet, or you’ve decided to treat yourself, ginger jars make for a stunning display.

Our small round ginger jars are perfect for displaying flowers, and looks great when paired with our modern or traditional furniture. All of our small and large ginger jars complement our furniture sets perfectly, which you can view in full here.