What are Statement Mirrored Furniture Pieces?

Everyone’s 'statement piece' of furniture in their homes differs from person to person. Usually, a statement piece is a furniture item that stands out from the crowd, and usually draws the rest of your interior design together. You need a luxurious, unique piece to really catch people's attention, and mirrored furniture is the perfect choice. From mirrored bed frames to stunning reflective coffee tables, you need a piece that will bring class and elegance to any space.

From chrome designs to stunning champagne finishes, there are various ways you can add classic touches to your home. Here at Lux-Hom, we stock gorgeous furniture as well as home accessories, from ginger jars to plush Christy bedding perfect for your living room, bedroom and dining room alike. All of our larger furniture items can be delivered straight to your door completely free of charge, and can also be assembled in your home to save you the stress. If you're looking for that perfect statement piece, consider mirrored furniture today.

Sideboards and Tables are a Must

Once you have your floors, walls and sofa sorted in your home, it can often feel like something is missing. If you have plenty of floor space, a stunning coffee table or sideboard could be just the piece your space has been craving. An elegant coffee table placed in the middle of your living room can draw all existing furniture together, and sideboards can provide a discreet yet impactful area for extra storage and decoration.

Our stunning Vienna mirrored sideboard has plenty of storage space, all encased in a stunning mirrored glass finish. It reflects light perfectly, which can make even the smallest of rooms look larger. Also, the opulent faux crystal handles can fully cement your sideboard as a statement piece to be proud of. This champagne mirrored coffee table can fit with any existing interiors, and its stunning features can make a real impact.

Mirrored Fireplaces for When you Have the Space

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, it's best to utilise it to your advantage. Most old houses have fireplaces already fitted, but there's nothing stopping you from opting for an electric fireplace for decorative effect as well as creating that cosy atmosphere. The surround is what makes a fireplace stand out, and mirrored frames are the best choice for creating an elegant, sparkling setting.

Our mirrored electric fireplaces here at Lux-Hom are truly exquisite, and have enough space on top for you to display framed photographs, flowers or your favorite home decor. All of our mirrored fireplace surrounds frame the fireplace beautifully, and our Arezzo electric fireplace has faux crystals embedded into its frame to provide you with the perfect statement piece. The realistic flame effect can make your home feel warm and cosy, perfect for those cold nights.

For Stunning Bedroom Decor, Consider Mirrored Bedside Cabinets 

When it comes to luxurious settings, some people like to pay all of their attention to their bedroom. It's your own private, personal space, so it needs to reflect your style and preferences exactly. Your statement piece can be a stunning vanity mirror and dressing table, or even a comfy bench, but if you don't have the space, a stunning bedside table makes for a great opportunity.

Our Luxor Champagne bedside table displays a golden shimmer that will look remarkable, especially when the light hits it just right. Its crystal handles and spacious three drawers make for a dignified display, and when matched with Christy bedding, you're sure to sleep in style.