How To Modernise Your Home Interiors

modern furniture bar stools

Do you ever feel like your home is stuck in another decade, and you're unsure of how to bring it into the present? Modernising your home doesn't have to be a tricky process, especially with the vast range of luxury home furniture and home accessories on offer. With the right coordination and products, you can upgrade your décor in no time, whether you're looking to adapt just one room or your whole home.

Here at Lux-Hom, we have a gorgeous collection of luxury furniture and home decor perfectly crafted and suited to a range of existing interiors. All of our products come with free delivery and large furniture pieces can be fully assembled in your home, taking the stress out of moving, carrying, and positioning heavy furniture as well as disposing of the packaging. When looking for modern home decor, our luxury home furnishings are stunning, and are bound to bring opulence to your space.

Add Bar Stools to your Dining Room

A common sight in more modern households nowadays are islands or breakfast bars in kitchens, perfect for homeowners who need extra storage and versatility. To make islands the optimal place to eat and drink, bar stools provide a touch of class to your kitchen or dining room, and provide a much more modern feel than their typical wooden dining chair counterparts.

Our range of bar stools here at Lux-Hom fit all kitchen designs, and complement existing modern interiors. Faux leather bar stools are a fast favourite in today's modern age, they're incredibly durable and easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for kitchens. You can view our full range here.

Add a Bedroom Bench to Make a Statement

If your room has enough floor space for you to add something a little extra, you can't go wrong with a luxurious bench that sits neatly at the foot of your bed. Not only are they perfect for sitting on whilst getting ready in the morning, they bring elegance and practicality to any bedroom, and are a great way to modernise your bedroom furniture.

Our stunning benches come in different styles perfectly suited to your bedroom and interior design. To view our full bench collection, please visit us here.

The Importance of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps, no matter whether they're in your living room, kitchen or bedroom, add ambience and practical lighting to make rooms brighter during the night. They don't just provide light, they can be a real statement piece if you pick a stunning design, and they make rooms much more modern with their array of different colours and designs.

Our elegant Madison crushed diamond lamp is the perfect height to be placed next to a dressing table, to provide necessary lighting when getting ready for a night out. Our mirrored dressing tables are incredibly opulent too, providing you with the modern day setting for your bedroom that you've been searching for.

diamond encrusted lmap