Exploring our Christy Towels Collection

Christy are renowned for providing luxury home textiles, including bedding, throws, cushions towels and mats that add quality, style and opulence to anyone’s home. Their collection of stylish towels is the ultimate addition to your bathroom, and there is sure to be an option to coordinate with your existing home decor. Here at Lux-Hom, we’re proud to be an official stockist of Christy towels and bedding, providing our customers with the small yet powerful luxury textile items to really make their house a classic home.

All of our furniture pieces and home textiles accessories here at Lux-Hom can be delivered straight to your door completely free of charge, with larger pieces assembled in your home with no fees required. All of our luxury home furnishings can either add to your existing decor or create a whole new elegant setting, suited to high-class tastes and styles. Christy towels can tie your bathroom together, but the style you choose can depend on your own personal preferences. 

Christy Brixton Towels

Made from 100% cotton, the Christy Brixton towels are super soft and crafted with a textured weave to the highest quality. They come in various contemporary colours such as khaki and emerald, adding an elegant feel to every bathroom. They can also be coordinated with matching shower mats and hand towels to make your bathroom pop with colour. If you’re in need of some effective makeover ideas for your bathroom, we’ve got the perfect collection of Brixton towels here for you at Lux-Hom.

From bright yellows to neutral greys and whites, the Brixton towel collection is perfect if you’re looking to incorporate bold colours into your bathroom. They’re incredibly soft, much like their high-thread-count Christy bedding, which can be found here.

Christy Honeycomb Towels

Like the Brixton towels, Christy Honeycomb towels are incredibly soft and look great in stylish bathroom settings. What makes these particular towels stand out from the crowd is their unique honeycomb design, carved into the material in a range of different eye-catching colours. Navy, peacock and white are the three popular colours, and can be bought in sets to suit your entire family.

All Honeycomb towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton, and can stand the test of time, unlike lower quality variations which you can find in supermarkets and high street shops. Adding luxury to your bathroom has never been so easy, with a bold pattern and stunning colours that can really make an impact. Christy are renowned for their soft materials and luxury finishes, and these towels are no exception. 

Christy Renaissance Towels

If you’re looking for a sleeker, more discreet touch of elegance, then the Christy Renaissance towels are the perfect choice for you. Their elegant design can both perfectly blend into your bathroom without taking too much attention away from your existing decor or add that injection of colur as a quality bathroom makeover working to complement their surroundings, giving you a style to be proud of. Made from exceptionally fine Egyptian cotton, the Renaissance towels come in delicate colours such as peony, to bold, dark shades such as berry.

Comfort should be a priority in your bathroom, and Christy aims to provide this. We are proud to stock these gorgeous towels in our collection, adding even more class and opulence to our range of luxury home textiles, furnishings and accessories. To view our products, you can visit us on our website here.